Mathieu Mahamoud Issa, MSc

Phone: +48 829 5703

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My main scientific interest is to study the animal acoustic communication, how an individual is able to exploit information encoded in an acoustic signal and what kinds of information are encoded. I am currently investigating the communal signaling and cooperative behaviors in a duetting and chorusing bird species. I am also interested by the species conservation and species monitoring programs.

Function and mechanisms of intra-group communication during territorial defense in a cooperative-breeding bird species, the Yellow-breasted Barbet (Trachyphonus margaritatus)

NCN Preludium Grant, project UMO-2017/27/N/NZ8/01554

2015 - M.Sc. in Ethology / Ecology (with honors), Jean Monnet University, France
2013 - B.Sc. in Biology of organisms, Jean Monnet University, France




Linhart P, Mahamoud-Issa M, Stowell, Blumstein DT. (2022) The potential for acoustic individual identification in mammals. Mammalian Biology. DOI: 10.1007/s42991-021-00222-2

Linhart P, Mahamoud-Issa M, Stowell D, Blumstein DT. (2022) The potential for acoustic individual identification in mammals. Mammalian Biology DOI: 10.1007/s429991-0021-00222-2

Marin-Cudraz, T., Muffat-Joly, B., Novoa, C., Aubry, P., Desmet J-F., Mahmaoud-Issa, M., Nicolé, F., F., Van Niekerk, M.H., Mathevon, N., Sébe, F. (2019) Acoustic monitoring of rock ptarmigan: A multi-year comparison with point-count protocol. Ecological Indicators 101: 710-719.

Villain, A.S., Mahmoud-Issa, M., Doligez, B., Vignal, C. (2017) Vocal behaviour of mates at the nest in the White-throated Dipper Cinclus cinclus: contexts and structure of vocal interactions, pair-specific acoustic signature. Journal of Ornithology 158: 897-910.

Mahmoud-Issa, M., Marin-Cudraz, T., Party, V., Greenfield, M.D.(2017) Phylogeographic structure without pre-mating barriers: Do habitat fragmentation and low mobility preserve song and chorus diversity in a European bushcricket? Evolutionary Ecology 31: 865-884.