SEEB 2020-21

Seminars in Evolution, Ecology & Behaviour

SEEB - Seminars in 2021/22

(184) 13.10.2021 - Katerina Sam (Biology Center Academy of the Czech republic & University of South Bohemia) - "Birds - their senses and ecological importance" & Paweł Mirski (University of Białystok & Estonian University of Life Sciences) "The use of birds of prey movements data in landscape ecology"

6th and 7th Marcin Antczak Award ceremony with lectures of awarded Katerina Sam (in 2020) and Paweł Mirski (2021).

(185) 17.11.2021 - Maciej Ejsmond (Genomics and Experimental Evolution Group, Jagiellonia University, Poland) - " How adaptive immunity shapes life history evolution"

(186) 15.12.2021 - Anna Roberts (Institute of Human Biology and Evolution, AMU Poznań) - "Social brain hypothesis and gestural communication in wild chimpanzees"

(187) 12.01.2022 - Tom Price (Institute of Infection, Veterinary and Ecological Sciences, University of Liverpool, UK) - Male fertility and climate change

(188) 19.01.2021 - Zuzanna Rosin (Department of Avian Biology and Ecology, AMU Poznań) - "Village modernization: an overlooked driver of farmland bird declines?"

(189) 26.01.2022 - Przemysław Kurek (Department of Plant Ecology and Environmental Protection, Amu Poznań) - "Seed dispersal in forests - natural processes in an unnatural landscapes"

(190) 02.02.2022 - Michał Brzozowski (Department of Hyxrobiology, AMU Poznań) - The ecological and applicable role of charophytes in aquatic ecosystems in the time of climate change:

(191) 23.03.2022 - Agata Staniewicz (Department of Behavioural Ecology, AMU Poznań)) - Incorporating acoustic surveys into the monitoring of threatened crocodiles

(192) 30.03.2022 - Paweł Szymański (Department of Behavioural Ecology, AMU Poznań)) - Passive acoustic monitoring: a non-invasive method to eavesdrop on vocal taxa

(193) 13.04.2022 - Magdalena Herdegen-Radwani (Department of Behavioural Ecology, AMU Poznań) - The role of associative learning in evolution of sexual preferences

(194) 20.04.2022 - Soumen Mallick (EcoBio, Universite de Rennes, France) - Distantly related neighbours of host trees can prevent insects from matching tree traits: insect phenotypes and leaf damage on oak trees

(195) Jonathan Parrett (Evolutionary Biology Group, AMU Poznań) - The role of sexually selected traits in shaping genetic variation

(196) 18.05.2022 - Agnieszka Majer (Population Ecology Lab, AMU Poznań) - When a better competitor meets a better disperser - dynamics of the niche and fitness differences in the light of modern coexistence theory

(197) 18.05.2022 - Gary Hein (Department of Entomology, University of Nebraska - Lincoln, USA) - An invasive found to be right at home in North America: the effects of host, dispersal, and environment theory