Current projects (newest on top):

PI: Magdalena Herdegen-Radwan SONATA BIS (2022-25)
Linking immunogenetics variation, microbiome and personality

PI: Tomasz S. Osiejuk CEUS-UNISONO UMO-2020/02/Y/NZ8/00034 (2021-24)
Does intra-sexual selection drive evolution of individual identity in animal signals?

PI: Michał Budka NCN Sonata 2019/35/D/NZ8/04416 (2020-23)
Interspecific competition for acoustic space in birds

PI: Kinga Kułaga DI2018012848 (2019-21)
Noturnal singing in diurnal active bird - side effect of light or functional behaviour?

PI: Tomasz S. Osiejuk NCN Opus 2018/31/B/NZ8/00482 (2019-23)
Trade-off between species recognition and individual discrimination in tropical Turtur doves

PI: Mathieu Mahamoud-Issa NCN Preludium 2017/27/B/NZ8/01554 (2018-23)
Functions and mechanisms of coordination in duets and choruses in communication of Chubb's cisticola

Just finished:

PI: Paweł Ręk NCN Sonata Bis 2015/18/E/NZ8/004477 (2016-21)
Functions and mechanisms of acoustic and visual coordination in animal signalling

PI: Magdalena Herdegen-Radwan NCN Opus 2017/27/B/NZ8/00028 (2018-21)
The role of associative learning in originating mating preferences in guppy

PI: Katarzyna Kwiatkowska NCN Preludium 2016/21/N/NZ8/01358 (2017-20)
The role of acoustic communication networks in spatial orientation on the example of the corncrake (
Crex crex)

PI: Tomasz S. Osiejuk NCN Opus 2015/17/B/NZ8/02347 (2016-20)
Individual recognition and social eavesdropping in a duetting tropical bird species